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Tharptown Elementary School

Picture of Tharptown Elementary School
Picture of Tharptown Elementary School


Tharptown Elementary School


Motto: Teamwork Equals Success 

 Mission Statement:   

The mission of Tharptown Elementary School is to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for academic excellence where students are challenged and motivated to think critically and to develop habits of responsible citizenship in order to reach their highest potential for success.

Escuela Primaria Tharptown

Declaración de Objetivos

 El objetivo de la Escuela Primaria Tharptown es proveer un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro y cómodo que sea propicio para lograr una excelencia académica que constituya un reto para los estudiantes que los motive a pensar de una manera crítica y a desarrollar hábitos de ciudadanos responsables para así llegar a su más alto potencial y lograr el éxito. 




The stakeholders of Tharptown believe teamwork equals success as the stakeholders share a set of common goals for the students of Tharptown Elementary:


  •  to provide quality instruction of a comprehensive curriculum which meets the College and Career Ready Standards
  • to ensure that assessment should include varying types of evaluation, both formal and informal
  • to offer educational activities that challenge students to think critically and take responsibility for their actions
  • to ensure that students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work, and life
  • to provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation across the whole curriculum
  • to provide a safe environment conducive to learning that is essential in encouraging growth and development as safety drills are                performed on a regular basis throughout the school year
  • to provide clear communication to all stakeholders that includes sharing the responsibility to help students reach their fullest        potential
  •  to provide all stakeholders opportunities to provide input in decision-making and school programs
  • to involve all stakeholders in providing students the opportunity to succeed in a global society
  • to foster relationships and provide support for all families as our learning community becomes more diverse




About the School:

School Colors:  Blue & White 

Tharptown Elementary School is a public school in the Franklin County district with students from PreK through sixth grade.  Our school is a dynamic environment focused on helping your child acquire the foundational skills necessary for academic and civic success.  Our desire is that each child has a fun, memorable experience while at the same time meeting each year's Alabama College and Career Ready Standards and goals while in a particular grade level.  Our staff is totally committed to the educational progress and well being of your child.  To increase the degree of educational success of each student, it is important to establish close working relationships between home and school.  


 As parents/guardians, you are our partners in the important job of providing the best education for our students.   We encourage you to become an active participant in your child's elementary experience by engaging in regular communication with staff and by becoming an active member of our PTO.  We hope you will join us as partners in your child's elementary journey, and we are happy that your family is part of our school family. We look forward to an exciting and productive 2017-2018 school year. 






Tharptown Elementary School

145 Highway 80

Russellville, AL  25654


Fax: 256-332-3402


Any other information about the school such as test scores, financial expenditures, etc. may be found on the state website at http://www.alsde.edu/

Another website of interest for further school information is http://www.greatschools.org/