P.A.W.S. (Peace Among Wildcat Students)
Posted On:
Thursday, August 14, 2014

P.A.W.S. is implemented school-wide and should promote long-term motivational, behavioral, and academic improvement.  The key to the plan is that it takes a positive approach at building a concrete, specific, and personal understanding of quality behavior.  The plan incorporates character education. 

The TES faculty will stress the importance of character education by discussing the meanings and examples of good character throughout the school year.  Students are asked to demonstrate actions such as cooperation, respect, trustworthiness, sportsmanship, effort/trying, positive attitude, etc.  Through teacher observation, students will be given a behavior ticket describing their positive behavior they exhibited that will be written by the teacher.  The tickets will then be placed in the office and four student tickets will be drawn each month.  The students will be given a reward and their names will be announced to the student body.

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