Lexia Core 5 Reading Program using Technology
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
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Lexia Core 5 Reading Program


The Franklin County School System has the opportunity to take advantage of a researched-based reading program called Lexia Core 5 until the end of the school year.


 The Franklin County Reading Specialists were able to have the program piloted for our schools and have received special training.  At each school, the Reading Specialist has recently added students to the portal for students to be able to access the program by logging in with a username and a password.



 Students at TES have access to Lexia Core 5 using Chromebooks, Ipads and desktops in the computer lab.


At TES, each student has a username and a password to be able to access Lexia Core 5.  This program can be implemented at school or home.  The purpose of the program is to increase student achievement by learning at their independent and instructional levels at their own pace.  

If you want your child to have access at home, contact your child's teacher to receive his/her username and password.

Students can click on the words "Lexia Core 5" on the left side of the home page to go directly to the login page.  




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